ComicBookMovie: Steven McQueen For Nightwing On The CW’s ARROW? published an article expressing their excitement of the (even though it’s just a small) chance of Steven playing the Charecter of Dick Grayson (aka. Nightwing) on The CW show ‘Arrow’

Read what they have to say:

Steven R McQueen Nightwing
The Vampire Diaries’ Steven McQueen has teased a meeting with the Arrow producers about playing a superhero on the show. McQueen makes no bones about which one he’d like to play in particular.
Steven McQueen is already an actor on The CW as he stars on The Vampire Diaries. And the network has no qualms about using actors on more than one of their shows as Kelly Hu plays China White on Arrow and also costars on upcoming drama, The Hundred. With that said, it’s entirely plausible that McQueen could guest star on Arrow and he’s already indicated that he’s met with producers about a superhero role. And while there’s no official word from the Arrow executive team about who McQueen would be potentially playing, he definitely has his own personal preference, Dick Grayson aka Nightwing. As a Batman character, I’ve long speculated that Huntress (Jessica De Gouw) left Starling City and traveled to Gotham, where she found and trained under the Bat-family. Maybe she returns to Starling City with one of the members in tow? But that’s my own fan speculation, what do you think of McQueen as Nightwing?Of course, there’s also the fact that Nightwing will be played by “someone” in Batman vs Superman. Flash is also rumored to appear in the film and Grant Gustin is set to play the character on Arrow. Could cameos on Arrow lead to cameos for the actors in the Man of Steel sequel?
See the tweets Steven teased us with:



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