Creation Entertainmens TVD Las Vegas

Steven attended the “The Vampire Diaries” Convention in Las Vegas the September weekend 13th/14 2014

Check out these cute/handsome/funny pictures taken by our very own Dawn (:

Here is a summary of all things said and done during Stevens Panel (Thanks for VD_CANADA for collecting it all.)

  • Steven singing “Eye Of The Tiger” and “All By Myself” on stage
  • He has decided that fart noises are the order of the day
  • Steven says he would fall asleep when he had to act like he was dead. Said Nina would have to get emotional and he would fall asleep and she would get pissed.
  • Steven is dancing and hugging a fan.
  • He hugs a girl who came from Ireland to see him. [That's Dawn, the one providing all the pictures shown here on]
  • Says as far as Jeremy goes, this is his favorite season.
  • “Jeremy had a dog that just randomly disappeared in Denver. What ever happened to that dog?” – Steven.
  • “I went to Julie Plec and I said ‘look, you want me to put on a diaper and a wig, I’ll do it.’” – Steven.
  • He mentioned The Originals cast and all the girls from TVD cast saying they would have to re-populate the world!
  • He says Jeremy and him are both gassy.
  • Steven says to a fan “your mouth is probably dry from all the kissing we did earlier.”
  • He takes a nervous fan on stage and gives her a shoulder rub.
  • Steven says he wouldn’t kill an Original because it would be too much work.
  • He said Jeremy will be all messed up this season but he likes it.
  • “Jeremy is in denial,” and says, “there’s a good Alaric/Jeremy moment but he can’t say to much.” Says this is his favorite season.
  • He says he would want to bring Bonnie back AND says he will try to do everything which we will see this season.
  • Steven: “Bonnie is the love of his life.”
  • He says Nina is pretty cool and very professional and serious.
  • Steven teaches a little girl how to make fart noises with her hands.
  • Says his stripper name would be Ben Dover Lol
  • If he was a car, he would be the Batmobile.


Check out these cute/handsome/funny pictures taken by our very own Dawn (:


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